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Rolex ladies bracelet tightened.jpg

We are able to restore many watch bracelets especially Rolex .

Where the centre link pins become old and worn the metal links become sloppy . Commonly known as stretch this can lead over time to breakage of the pins themselves leading to either damage or even loss of the bracelet or watch itself!

Unfortunately over time grime and particles build up between the bracelet links and unless regularly cleaned act as an abrasive wearing the metal/gold away , this is normally exacerbated by wearing bracelets loose as they will have more space to move and ultimately grind away!




We can restore and tighten most Rolex bracelets including , Jubilee , Oyster and 18k Presidential and 18k Jubilee bands as well as the older Folded type Stainless Oyster 9315 and US style oval Jubilee . Exisiting pins are either replaced or strengthened and new clasp pins are added to provide an original tighter fit.

We can also restore Omega Sprung bracelets and woven type, As well as other makes of 18k, Platinum bracelets and clasps.

Generally 18k bracelets will need new pins and gold/solder work is required to make new again. We are able to repair snapped 18k Clasps , a common problem due to structural defects in the gold itself  which over time weakens the clasp and can result in a clean break and also repair end piece links and hoops .

With the cost of parts going upwards every year bracelet restoration is a very cost effective way of safe guarding your treasured timepiece and ensuring the bracelet is given a new lease of life with many more years of use ahead!

We do not work with Aftermarket bracelet parts as we prefer to keep your bracelet as original as possible . We only work with the materials to hand, so will advise on any possible problem during estimating any work to make sure expectations are not inflated! Sometimes we will replace links on very worn bracelets with genuine parts , this can take some time to procure .

We hope you enjoyed reading about Rolex bracelet stretch and tightening . Please check out our Blog for interesting articles and jobs we are involved with and our FAQ section below .If you have any questions about our services please contact us by email or telephone where we will be happy to answer any queries you might have .

Bracelet Tightening and Repair FAQ :

Q: Will my bracelet look ` like new  ` once its been restored ?

A: It depends how old it is but in all honesty No , we can only work with what we have , to an untrained eye your bracelet will be much shinier cleaner and tighter than it was before . Scratches , marks and light dings are mostly removed during refinishing resulting in a newer looking bracelet .

Q: Id prefer my bracelet to be unpolished after the work ?

A: During the process of taking the bracelet apart small marks are sometimes made on the bracelet parts, its unfortunately unavoidable , we are extremely careful to minimise this and the marks are very light but we  obviously prefer to remove them . With some vintage bracelets we are able to accommodate specific requests.

Q: Why is my bracelet smaller than when I gave it to you ? Have you removed links ?

A: We do not remove links ! Once bracelets are restored and tightened they can sometimes need extra links to return to the correct size , this is due to the removal of the  gaps between each link which existed due to the stretch in the bracelet . We can sometimes supply spare links if you do not have any .

Q: My bracelet is quite tight now , what can I do ?

A : Some bracelet sides wear at different rates and its very difficult to measure the exact tolerances but once a bracelet is fully tightened  and  worn for a while  the stiffness will  quickly loosen . This is more common on Oyster bracelets .

Q: Do you restore other brands of bracelet other than Rolex ?

A: Yes of course , we can restore many types of  stretched Breitling bracelets , Omega and others .

Q. How long will the work take to do ?

A: It all depends on the amount of work required but generally around 3-5 weeks. At busy times this can unfortunately increase but we are working hard to improve this .

Q: Will you send me updates as to how the job is progressing ?

A: As a general rule No . We only contact you if there is a problem or we have finished the work . 

Q: Do you outsource the work or do it yourselves ?

A:  We do all the work in house , we have invested a lot of time and money into perfecting this type of work over many years . We have noticed a few other Jewellers offering this service of late but we are unable to comment or provide advice to this effect .

Q: I called you yesterday 5 or 6 times but you never answer the phone !

A: It was a Sunday and I was on the golf course !!

Q: I am nervous posting my bracelet to you , can you reassure me you wont run off with it ?

A: We have been repairing watches and bracelets for many years now . Search Google for any bad reviews . With the rise of the Internet and watch forums people will quickly resort to posting their dissatisfaction with a service  they have received and these postings and comments can easily be found . Fortunately we seem to have many good reviews !

Q: Can I send you a picture of my bracelet for you to asses ?

A. We can only give estimations based on good detailed pictures , we receive many enquiries from customers who forward us nondescript pictures of watches they havn`t yet purchased asking us to commit to pricing especially with 18k Presidential bracelets. Full 18K bracelets need examination and assessment to ascertain  the amount of work needed to complete a restoration .  However good clear pictures are always a good first step in the process .

Q: Rolex have told me my bracelet is about to fail and I should buy a new one . I`ve had it for many years and I`m surprised they are saying this as I cant see much wrong with it!

A: This scenario is becoming more common . Rolex remember have a remit to return a customers timepiece back to as near New condition as possible when they service it. They do not provide repairs on bracelets and mostly will fit new clasps , end pieces and Fliplocks . Their instruction to replace a bracelet is born from their need to provide a warranty and also sell more bracelets in our view. We have seen so many bracelets that needed minimal work after coming back from Rolex having been condemned . Generally if your bracelet has wear issues we can fix them !

Rolex stretch bracelet.jpg

An average stretched Rolex Jubilee bracelet in need of some love and attention. Bracelet stretch is mostly caused by wearing too loose and not cleaning regularly  enough! 


Here the pins holding the links together have worn completely away . For the bracelet to come apart Both these pins have to break at the same time , fortunately this is a rare occurance!

Jubilee bracelet tightened.jpg

A Pinned and freshley tightened Rolex Jubilee bracelet, 

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